The Beauty of a Coozie

I am not a person who prides themselves in having a lot of "for show" accessories.  Sure, there are plenty of things that are "cool" or "pretty", but I guess deep down, I try and keep things simple and minimalistic.  That being said, I am a full supporter of the practical accessory.  Some might say that these two words don't belong together, so I shall try and explain what I am talking about here:

First example, the baseball cap.  While it isn't as necessary as say, wearing some sort of pant or trouser (there is a pretty established social law for wearing pants, with few exceptions), it has some very practical qualities.  The cap shields the eyes and forehead from the sun, keeps one's hair in check and can shield the noggin from the elements of rain/sleet/snow/hail.  If an item can serve these functions and possess a little style, that's what we call a Win-Win situation, and I like those.

Second example, the trusty Coozie.  While it doesn't fit into the first level of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, in my mind, it is the quintessential practical accessory.  On a warm spring or summer day, it is tough to beat the refreshment of an ice cold beverage.  Soda, water, wobbly-pop, juice....its all gold, so long as it's cold.  With the Coozie, the refreshment can be prolonged, and in this case, there can't be too much of a good thing.  Add a little style to the practical nature of the Coozie, and you again find yourself in a Hugh Bette situation.


Hugh Bette

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