Give'r in Youth Form




When looking back on my youth, it is easy to remember the times when all was good.  When I swung and actually hit the baseball in little league...when I caught a fish all on my own...when I rode a bicycle all the way to school and back...when I stood up in front of my class and told everyone about my cat and didn't pee my pants.  In looking back, I often times forget the challenges and not-so-pleasant happenings of being a kid and growing up.  Tearing up on the mound after hitting a kid in the head with a pitch in little league...dropping my fishing rod to the bottom of the lake, never to see it again...slamming into a parked car while riding my bike, and not really knowing why that happened...falling in a mud puddle at recess and needing to wear "Emergency Clothes" for the rest of the day at school.  While these challenges/occurrences aren't earth shattering, I find it important to remember the that from day one, kids are taking chances and stepping up to the unknown with a ferocity that is admirable.  Give it a try, and if things don't work out...dust yourself off, and Give'r another go.  My hat goes off to you young bucks...'cause you Give'r each and every day.

-Hugh Bette
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