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Remember that old camcorder that held a full-size VHS tape and recorded all those awesome birthday parties, Christmas mornings, and backyard slip-n-slides? I won't lie, I dug the video cameras of old, so did Zach Morris.  But truth be told, they were tough to manage on any sort of adventure. Headed out to the hill with the ole sticks on a powder day? Craving a little dry fly river action? In search of your prize bull? Leave the camcorder behind - no time for bulk or excess on such adventures. And then we arrived in the 21st century and we started carrying video cameras with us everywhere, all the time, no matter what. Nice to meet you, smart phone. With the dawn of the smart phone, we can catch sweet clips on a moment's notice. I'm pretty jazzed about it and so is Give'r. Because we think there are so many occasions worth remembering and sharing, we want to compile these moments in the first Give'r video. And we are enlisting all our videographer friends (that's you!) to help us out.

Please send me ( your Give'r moment in 10 seconds or less. Your iPhone, iPod, iPad, Blackberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, or... droid.... will do the trick. And hey, remember, sometimes it's the everyday moments that take your breath away. We don't all have to huck cliffs or slay trout to Give'r.  Whatever makes you smile, whatever makes you happy, whatever makes your day... that's what it's all about folks. Can't wait to see how you "Give'r"!

Grip it and rip it -


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