Tank Tops and Flip Flops...Summer is here

The changing of seasons evokes a wide range of emotions.  With the spring comes rain, more daylight and the awakening of life after a period of dormancy.  Vibrant colors erupt all around us as if Mother Nature herself paints the landscape with no boundaries restricting her canvas.  The change can be seen in wildlife and humans alike as our instinct tells us a time of plenty is upon us, and it shall not be taken for granted.  For wildlife, the summer season provides for growth and exploration as food sources are plentiful and the days are the longest of the year.  For us human folk, summer provides the same opportunities for growth and enjoyment of the outdoors, as we escape the comfort of the indoors in search of a connection to nature and time spent with friends and family.  I urge you to jump into summer head first and embrace every opportunity that presents itself.  Try a new sport, share a favorite hike, take on a new hobby, or simply just make time to observe the sunset every now and then.  Such is to Give'r, and I think you'll be happy you did. 

Summer, it is good to see you again.  Can I offer you a beverage?

-Hugh Bette

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