Ben Miller and the Jackson Hole One Fly

Since 1986, a unique event has taken place in Jackson Hole, WY.  For two days, over 80 fisherman and 40 guides take to the river in an attempt to catch the most and biggest trout...using one fly.  No switching, no back-ups, just plain and simple, one fly.  The ground rules are simple, and all proceeds of the fundraiser go to support the Snake River Fund to sustain the high quality fishery and the beauty that comes with it.  Our very own Give'r Ambassador Ben Miller is set to guide his third year, and we sat down with him to ask a few questions before the event, taking place Saturday and Sunday September 7th and 8th:

Hugh Bette: Ben, what is the essence of the tournament?
Ben: Friendly competition for a really good cause.  There is a lot of strategy involved with selecting your one fly, and a lot of caution used in trying to keep it.  One Fly, if you lose it, you're done.
H.B.: And what is your role in the event?
Ben: As a guide, it is an interesting balance.  I am there to row the boat, help clients catch fish, administer the rules and violations, keep track of all points for fish caught, and ensure the safety of participants.
H.B.: What does it mean to you to participate in this event?
Ben: I am honored to participate in one of the largest freshwater fishing tournaments in the world.  It does a lot for the town and the industry, and I'm excited to be a part of that.  People come together from all over with a range of backgrounds, all sharing the common passion of fly fishing.
H.B.: Is there a competitive spirit amongst the guides?
Ben: Haha, there is some strong camaraderie in that group, and all just want the best fishing possible for their boat.
H.B.: What percentage of guides think they would win if able to participate?
Ben: Hmm probably 90%.  But that's part of the game, confidence in yourself and in your fly.
H.B.: What would be your best advice to a participant who wanted to win?
Ben: Have trust and confidence in your guide...and be confident with your fly.  Never give up.
H.B.: Well Ben, we wish you the best of luck, and look forward to hearing some stories after the rods are put away!
Ben: Thank you and hope to catch some big ones!
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