Adventure Capitalists TV Appearance & Debrief

“When an opportunity presents itself … you either Give’r or you don’t”

Well, it has been a wild week in the Give’r history book, that’s for sure! It’s not every day you get the opportunity to present your passion and your dream on a show like CNBC’s Adventure Capitalists. And while we knew it was a risk and completely uncharted territory … we made the decision to go for it and give it our all; living by the philosophy that is so core to our Give’r community.

The show was a snippet of the near 2 hours spent talking with celebrity investors Jeremy Bloom, Shawn Johnson East, Dhani Jones and Bode Miller … a pretty humbling and intimidating 4-some of folks to be just “hanging” with around a campfire. 

While we didn’t strike a deal, we are grateful to have had the opportunity and stoked to have met so many driven, dedicated and passionate people along the way.

Getting to show and tell the 4-Season Gloves and witness the skepticism-turned-amazement as the investors stuck their gloved hands into the boiling water … as rad as it gets!  Bode even wore the 4-Season Give’r Gloves the day after we filmed for another segment involving ice climbing. 


Last but not least, when it came to choosing between what was best for the celebrity investors and what was best for the Give’r community, who has stuck with us between thick and thin, well, we stuck to our guns. 

While a lot of context and interaction was lost in the final cut (we totally get it, it makes for good TV!), we did our best to be respectful and shoot straight while at the same time (in front of just a few cameras), striving to embrace vulnerability.

We thank all the crew members, producers and investors for their consideration and support. (A side note and shout out for the ringing endorsement on the Today Show when Jeremy Bloom said the 4-Season Gloves are “the most diverse gloves we’ve ever tested.”)

At the end of the day, we’re psyched that we showed up to Give’r, and we can’t thank you all enough for the outpouring of stoke, support and encouragement. 

Cheers ... and keep on Given'r!

Bubba, Hugh, Sue, Skipper, Graham and Amy   

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