Give'r Origins Adventure - Canada Spring 2017

Over 5 years ago, the Give'r story began when a crew of adventurers from Jackson, Wyoming headed into the wilderness of Ontario, Canada.  This trip was the fifth annual of it's kind, and to commemorate this milestone of radness, a handful of hats were created: combining the home mountain range of Jackson Hole (the Tetons) and the phrase that encompassed the philosophy of the trip: Give'r.  Give'r: The beginnings of the brand
The original Give'r Hat

To give it your all, to go for it...that was the underlying per-requisite for the trip.  Logistics, gear, route planning, travel, physical prep for paddling many many miles and a willingness to roll with the punches of extreme weather, curve balls and the complexities of many moving parts in a remote area.  To journey over 100 miles in unfamiliar territory, attempting to catch dinner along the way, a unique mentality was needed, and the awesomeness that resulted formed the bedrock for the Give'r brand.

Upon return from the epic adventure, the inquiries to the meaning of the hat and subsequent requests to acquire one of their own began to shed light on the potential of this philosophy and movement.  Thus began the Give'r story.

Northern Pike - Give'r Origins

The most recent chapter of Give'r involves a return to the wilderness where it all began...the Origins of Give'r.  A crew of seven (including Co-Founder Bubba Albrecht, Maestro of Radness Daniel Nichols and Give'r Athletes Cody, JC, Bill, Dave and Tyler), ventured into Canada for the annual trip where there was no shortage of excitement. 
Give'r Origins - Group Picture
Road trip curveballs, monsoon-level storms, a rollercoaster ride of temperatures and wind, and the inherent risks of handling big fish with razor sharp was a Give'r trip through and through. 

Give'r Trucker Hat - Test of Time
While Mother Nature kept things nice and spicy for the crew and their Give'r Gear, the magic of multi-day wilderness exploration made for an unforgettable experience, reinforcing the philosophy of what can be possible when we give something our all.

Give'r Sunglasses - Origins
With the summer season upon us, we encourage you to seek out your next Give'r adventure, and give it your all!

Give'r Origins - David DuchenDave with a toothy Musky

Photographer and filmmaker Tyler Close captured some epic visuals which help paint a picture...enjoy and keep an eye out for more to come!

Northern Pike - Give'r OriginsBill with a beaut of a Northern caught on the fly

Give'r Origins - Musky subsurfaceSubsurface view of a Musky, up close and personal

Cody and 6 pound smallmouth - caught on the fly
Cody with a bruiser of a smallie, 6 pounds caught on the fly
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