Infinity Gait'r

This may be the most versatile accessory out there! Need a face mask, headband, or just protection from the elements? We've got you covered with the all-seasons Give'r Infinity Gait'r. With ultra-soft construction and advanced wicking technology, this accessory fights the wind, sun, and cold like a champ!

You may know it as a Buff, Neck Gaiter, Neckie, or Neck Scarf - no matter your go-to phrase, the Infinity Gait'r ensures comfort in the face of the elements, so you can enjoy the journey.

Available in...
Light Blue
Light Green

- Graphics include: Give'r Logo + "Jackson Hole * Give It Your All"
- Ultra-Soft and Non-Abrasive
- Unisex Extra-Stretchy Design
- 100% Polyester
- Thermal and Humidity Transfer Technology

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