Wyo-MAGNET Trout Hat

The Wyo-MAGNET Trout Hat was born in the Give'r laboratory to make your fishing experience better than ever before! Combined with a touch of Give'r style and the energy to give it our all, our patent-pending design utilizes magnetism to hold on to your lures and flies when you're out Given'r.

The Wyo-MAGNET Trout Hat has been tested by multiple local fishing legends, and feedback was short and sweet: "this hat is friggen genius!" Stop ruining your favorite topper by hooking and unhooking flies and lures into the brim and cap.  And, no more missing those split-second opportunities to catch "the big one" as you fumble for a fly. We've got you covered...

This hat makes for easier and faster access to your flies, is far cleaner to use and will be longer-lasting than any other way of keeping your flies close by ... and you can easily transition to not "looking fishy" when off the river! Just remove the flies, and this innovative design can be as secret as your favorite feeshin' hole.

The magnets embedded behind the trout patch are strong enough to hold your flies and lures securely in the elements, while having negligible force beyond 2 mm – no need for health concerns folks. The magnets used in the hat are ~1/3 of the strength of common non-pierced magnetic earrings. 

Time to hit the water and Give'r with this easy-to-access magnetic fly/lure holding hat! 

- Cotton twill front panel and visor
- Nylon mesh back panel and ProCrown
- Adjustable plastic snap backstrap

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