Why 4 Season Gloves Are So Awesome

“What makes the 4-Season Gloves so rad?” 

We get this question a lot. And, while many members of the Give’r Family know and love these gloves like the back of their hand, we recognize that we have a good number of newcomers on board and a reintroduction to “the best damn gloves ever” is overdue. Here’s the insider scoop for what makes these gloves worthy of the stoke.

cowhide leather

Starting on the outside, the 4-Season Gloves are constructed with rugged cowhide leather to ensure they withstand abrasion and keep your hands safe. We wax every pair of gloves by hand which adds a layer of weatherproofing - making it difficult for dirt and water to penetrate, adding to the leather’s longevity. Additional leather reinforcements have been added to high impact areas like the palm. 

waterproof membrane

Just underneath the leather exterior is a 100% waterproof membrane that serves to keep your hands completely dry on those cold fishing trips or on a rainy day out in the yard.

Beneath the waterproof membrane is a foil heat reflector and wind stopper. This is the part that sometimes reminds people of a Michael Jackson glove. It’s only on the back of the hand and works to keep heat in and wind out. We’ve found this silver lining to be essential for activities where there is increased speed (snowmobiling, skiing, using a motorboat, etc.).

Premium insulation

Finally, the innermost layer of the 4 Season Glove is the premium insulation, which works to keep your hands warm and comfortable. The insulation forms to your hand over time, just as the leather breaks in as well, to create warm pockets ensuring your hands stay warm while increasing dexterity. 

For a finishing touch we added a fire-red cuff. This cozy cuff is designed to keep snow out and warmth in so you can play all day no matter the temperature. Don’t forget the reinforced patch where we’ll hand brand your initials as desired! This cherry-on-top ensures your gift-recipient absolutely loses their mind or if the pair is for yourself that your buddies can’t walk off with them.

Chopped wood

So there you have it! The dirty deets of the best damn glove ever. Get yourself a pair before your fingers are too cold to tie your shoes. And if you’re already in love, consider snagging a pair for that friend of yours who can’t seem to stop shivering!

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