42 Absurd and Fun Ways We Tested the 4-Season Gloves

4-Season Give'r Leather Gloves Testing

We knew making the best damn leather gloves ever would be a tall order, requiring lots of testing and refinement. We spent almost two years on the task. During that time, we used our 4-Season Give’r Glove prototypes in 42 different situations ... some absurd, some practical and most of them fun! The final glove we created excels at each one of these 42 tasks, and we're excited to keep on testing. How will you Give'r in your 4-Season Gloves?


Around the House:

1) Clearing snow/scraping ice off car

2) Walking dog

3) Grabbing a burning log

4-Season Give'r Leather Gloves Testing

4) Yard work such as gardening, raking leafs, shoveling, mowing, landscaping, clearing brush

5) Making snowmen, building snow forts, snowball fighting

6) S’more roasting

Cross-country skiing



7) Pond hockey

8) Snow shoeing

9) Skiing and backcountry touring

Cross-country skiing

10) Sledding

11) Backpacking/camping

12) Cross-country skiing

13) Snowboarding

4-Season Give'r Leather Glove Testing

14) River float trips

15) Fly fishing

16) Spin fishing

17) Ice Fishing

18) Running outboard boats in frigid temps 

4-Season Give'r Glove Testing

19) Hunting, decoy setting, field dressing and pack-out (elk and deer in Wyoming and Ohio; ducks in Wyoming and Ontario, Canada; pheasant in Ohio; antelope in Wyoming; bear in Idaho)

20) Horseback riding

21) Skijoring

4-Season Give'r Leather Gloves Testing

22) Rock climbing

23) Handling fry pan over open fire (fish fry)

24) Snowmobiling

4-Season Give'r Leather Gloves Testing


Manual Labor:

25) Chopping firewood

4-Season Give'r Leather Gloves Testing

26) Cutting down trees/ general lumberjacking

27) Bonfire adjustments

28) Grabbing a fire grate over open fire

29) Welding, cutting and general metalworking

4-Season Give'r Leather Gloves Testing

4-Season Give'r Leather Glove Testing

30) Shoveling snow

31) Trail clearing

32) Airport ramp operations (baggage handling, snow clearing, equipment operation, de-icing and anti-icing planes in an open bucket at Jackson Hole Airport).  This includes exposure to jet fuel, diesel, petrol, glycol (de-ice fluid) and oil.




33) Wearing gloves and submerging in boiling pot of water

4-Season Give'r Leather Gloves Testing

34) Handling red hot metal post welding

35) Submerging into ice fishing hole

36) Covered in lighter fluid and lit on fire

37) Coldest temp use case -35 F while working outside at airport during January 2015

38) Highest temp exposure – flames/burning objects in fire

39) 20-inch powder day skiing/touring

4-Season Give'r Leather Gloves Testing

40) Handling dry ice

41) Run over gloves with vehicle on gravel road

42) Abrasion testing on thorn bushes, jagged rocks, ropes, cables, wire and chains


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