Sunnies and Croakies have arrived!

Well folks, it’s time to unveil the newest gear from the folks here at Give’r… what I like to think of as “the perfect pair”. With the sun out and the fish biting, stylin’ sunnies and croakies are a must! To begin, our sunnies come in 4 great colors, all adorned with the Give’r logo. But, as we all know, a good pair of shades is not complete without croakies to ensure they stay put. In 3 colors and 2 sizes (that’s right, croakies for big and small), it shouldn’t be hard to put together your perfect pair.

An added plus, this combo was a hit with our pound pups! I’m not kidding, never have I ever seen either one of this troublesome duo put up with accessories of any kind. Forget bandanas, doggie jackets, and mutt mittens, these guys won’t have anything to do with any of it. But, when I asked them to do some quality control testing of our shades and croakies, both boys were up to the challenge and spent some time straight chillin’ after a long day of work in their new duds. Turns out, these sunglasses and croakies are puppy proof.

Click here to check out the sunglasses
Click here to check out the croakies
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