Testing Give'r Gloves & Gear in the Tetons' Rugged Ski Terrain!

Give'r Gear Leather Gloves Skiing Tetons Testing Jackson Hole

The holiday season has passed and while the ovens are still cranking out gloves, our team has found more time to get out and Give'r ourselves! With Jackson Hole Mountain Resort around the corner and seemingly unlimited backcountry in every direction, we are incredibly fortunate to test our gear in some of the most rugged and beautiful terrain out there! When the powder calls, here is some of the gear our team members turn to for optimal Given'r ...


Bubba, President

Give'r Gear Leather Gloves Skiing Tetons Testing Jackson Hole

Preferred Style - Bootpacking the Board
Must Have Gear - Ol' Faithful Midweight Pullover

Bootpacking as a snowboarder is the way to go. Not only do my feet not suffer like skiers, but a board is super easy to pop on and off and carry, allowing for the greatest number of laps. Regardless, by the end of a day up on Teton Pass I am nearly always drenched in sweat. The Ol' Faithful has been the greatest addition to my snowboarding gear, as it allows me to work hard for a quick evening hike and not overheat, but as the sun sets, temperatures drop, and my sweat cools, the insanely soft material keeps my core warm. Conditions can turn on a dime in the mountains and the Ol' Faithful ensures I can handle anything and get back to the car safely.

Graham, Customer Service Director

Give'r Gear Leather Gloves Skiing Tetons Testing Jackson Hole

Preferred Style - Skiing at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort
Must Have Gear 4-Season Gloves

It's Sunday and I can't wait to get out and ski at the Village. My wife is in a hurry but I can't find my 4-Seasons anywhere. She holds up some of my old gloves but I refuse. Luckily, I found them in my ski pack and now I'm ready to rock. I pull them on, they are properly snug and I tuck the red cuffs into my ski shell. I get to the bus stop and the driver needs to see my season pass, it's easily accessible due to the dexterity of these bad boys. The tram line is wrapped around the corner, 4 boxes deep but you can walk right onto the gondi. I look down and remember how many great days like today I've had with the 4-Season Gloves. Whether it's 12 degrees or 28, they have my back out at the Resort, inbound or in the sidecountry. Scrapping snow off of my bindings is easy, poles grip seamlessly, and fingers never get cold. Before I worked at Give'r, I was a Kickstarter backer in 2014; these gloves have come out to JHMR with me ever since.

MJ, Production Assistant 

Give'r Gear Leather Gloves Skiing Tetons Testing Jackson Hole

Preferred Style - Anything with Deep Powder
Must Have Gear - Neck Gaiter

A neck gaiter for a skier is like a snorkel for snow. When the snow arrives, I always make sure that I have mine packed. Not only does it trap heat from my mouth and nose, but it keeps my ears warm and ensures that snow doesn't get in my coat. Come spring time, my neck gaiter turns into my headband, keeping my hair out of my face and holding my sunglasses in place. The Give'r Neck Gaiter aesthetic is simple, but pops with color, keeping it fun!



Amy, Marketing & PR Adviser 

Give'r Gear Leather Gloves Skiing Tetons Testing Jackson Hole

Preferred Style - Earning Views
Must Have Gear - Ski Wyoming Beanie

When it comes to beanies, I'm something of an aficionado. (Is that a classier way to say beanie snob?). I live in beanies September through June, and then miss them in the heat of summer. I have to say I was bit skeptical of the Give'r Ski Wyoming Beanie because there's nothing I disdain more than scratchy headwear. But to my delight this 100% acrylic beanie is delightfully soft ... and warm ... and wicks moisture ... and covers my ears ... and makes me feel badass. To put it simply, I'm a convert. 



Matt, Director of Operations

Give'r Gear Leather Gloves Skiing Tetons Testing Jackson Hole

Preferred Style - Backcountry Touring
Must Have Gear - Classic Gloves

When backcountry skiing, versatility is key. Having gloves that can rise to any occasion is essential. The Classic Gloves epitomize these needs. They are light and breathable enough to wear on the uphill, and wind proof and weather proof enough to wear on the downhill. Plus, once broken in, they are plenty dexterous to fiddle with your boots, dig pits, and eat snacks. They are my go-to for any ski tour.

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