What Makes the Give'r 4-Season Leather Gloves So Awesome?

Give'r 4-Season Leather Ski Work Gloves
All summer long, the Give'r Team has been receiving the same question at local markets and fairs, "What makes the 4-Season Gloves so rad?"

While many in our community know the gloves ... like the back of their hands ... we recognize that a refresher or introduction to the system that makes these gloves stand up to the elements couldn't hurt!
Give'r 4-Season Leather Ski Work Gloves
Starting on the outside, the gloves are made with rugged cowhide leather to ensure they withstand abrasion and keep your hands safe in general.

When ordering, you have the option of having your gloves hand-waxed. Waxing ensures longevity, because filling leather pores with wax prevents dirt and water from penetrating the gloves. Plus, when waxed the gloves gain a tough and aged aesthetic.

But waxing is actually not what makes the gloves 100% waterproof. Just under the leather exterior is a waterproof membrane that serves to keep your hands completely dry on those cold fishing trips or on a rainy day out in the yard.

Give'r 4-Season Leather Ski Work Gloves

On the inside of the glove there are two final layers. The the inner most layer is the premium insulation, which works to keep your hands warm and comfortable. We went with a 40gm weight to ensure that your hands stay warm without compromising dexterity. 

Between the insulation and the waterproof membrane is a foil heat reflector and wind stopper. This is the part that reminds people of a Michael Jackson glove when they see it. This component is only on the back of the hand and works to keep heat in and wind out. We've found that this layer is essential for activities where there is increased speed (snowmobiling, skiing, using a motorboat, etc.).

Give'r 4-Season Leather Ski Work Gloves
Like the Classic Gloves and Lightweight Gloves, the 4-Seasons can be hand-branded with your initials. No more worrying about someone walking off with your personal pair!


Give'r is a phrase that can be personalized to your lifestyle! Whatever it is you love to do, we hope you give it your all each and every day. We take pride in providing our customers with gear that can help Give'r! 




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