Classic Give'r Gloves

The original Give'r Glove of 100 Uses. Resilient, rugged and ready for action.


  • Slip-on style all-leather glove
  • Customize with hand-branded initials (up to 3 characters)
  • Each leather glove is unique in appearance
  • Coated with a natural wax for weatherproofing
  • View our Sizing Guide

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If you do select the custom initial branding option, please account for one extra day in shipping estimate.

Get to know the Classic Give'r Gloves

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Whether you're splitting logs or building the family snowman, these versatile gloves have you covered, hands down."
Sports Illustrated

Some things wear out; others wear in. Give-r 4-Season Gloves basically define that second category."
Men's Journal

Great for frigid resort ski days while being breathable enough for long backcountry missions."
Outside Magazine

All the attributes you could ever hope for out of any pair of gloves."

Slip your hands into the 4-Season Give’r gloves for the first time, and you’ll know you’ve made a good decision."
Powder Magazine

If you’re in the market for that perfect spring skiing glove like we are... these are the gloves for you."
The Manual

Without a doubt, these really are the best damn gloves ever."

The Give’r gloves are truly designed with the adventurer in mind."

The Classic Give’r Glove was born straight out of the mountains in Jackson Hole where sturdy, lined gloves are a necessity, not a luxury.  Named "The Souvenir of Jackson Hole" by Town and Country, these resilient, one-of-a-kind Western mitts—customizable with hand-branded initials—are known by locals as the "gloves of 100 uses." Each pair is hand-branded, made to order, with an option to have customized with initials, ensuring they don't "go missing" and land in your friends' gear (around 90% of Classic Glove orders select this option!).  All gloves will arrive wax-sealed and ready for you to get out there and Give’r!

To obtain your glove size, use a measuring tape to find the circumference of your hand - around the palm. Then, simply match the measurement with the sizing table below:

Classic Give'r Gloves Sizing Chart

Leather Ski Gloves

Size Options Palm Circumference (in) Palm Circumference (cm)
X-Small 5-5.75" 12.7-14.6
Small 5.75-6.75" 14.6-17.1
Medium 6.75-7.75" 17.1-19.7
Large 7.75-9" 19.7-22.9
X-Large 9-10.25" 22.9-26
 XX-Large 10.25-11.25" 26-28.6

 If between two sizes, we recommend you select the larger of the two.  The lined gloves will pack out from the inside, yet exhibit only a small factor of stretching on the exterior. To give a reference, the majority of males wear size Large, and the majority of our female customers wear a size Small.


  • To clean the gloves, use a damp cloth to wipe away dirt from the surface of gloves. Do not submerge in water or use soap.
  • Do not turn gloves inside out.
  • We do not advise you to wash the Classic Gloves. If you do choose to wash them, use a small amount of mild soap and lukewarm water. Do not twist, but gradually squeeze the water out and proceed with drying at room temperature. Using a fan helps to speed up the drying process.


Choosing to Give’r often means taking the road less traveled. Sometimes it requires some blood, sweat, and tears. Should the elements put your gloves to the test, here is a range of helpful drying techniques, listed with the most effective at the top:

  • Placing your gloves on a boot/glove warmer, making sure to create a gap for airflow in and out of the glove.
  • Placing your gloves on their sides in front of a fan, ensuring maximum airflow. We recommend using a paper towel or toilet paper cardboard tubing in the gloves to assist.
  • Use a coat hanger and slide the gloves over the ends. Hang in a warm, dry area.
  • High sun exposure can be used to expedite the drying process. Can also utilize any accessible products that absorb moisture or allow for airflow (i.e. shoe dehydrator, newspaper, etc.).

During our trials, we also observed what NOT to try for drying your gloves

  • DO NOT wring them out like a dish towel
  • DO NOT place too close to the fire
  • DO NOT place on your car exhaust
  • DO NOT turn inside out
  • DO NOT place on the radiator
  • DO NOT place in microwave

I have some questions, who can I talk to?

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