Gut & Remodel! Give'r Leather Work Gloves Help Get 'er Done!

Give'r Waterproof Leather Work Gloves Home Remodel

Today’s post comes from Give’r ambassadors JC Conover and Quinn Keller. The couple is in the middle of gutting and remodeling their Portland, Oregon home. We’ll occasionally check in with them throughout the project, watching as they transform a time-tested, rundown casa into a thing of beauty.


Thinking about purchasing our first house was intimidating, and considering buying a "gut and remodel" house was even scarier. But this was a dream that had to be fulfilled. 

The home was in an unlivable condition the first day we walked in, but we were proud owners of this masterpiece-to-be.

Give'r Waterproof Leather Work Gloves Home Remodel

Any time we were not working at our jobs, we were putting in work on the house. 

It began with demolition: three load-bearing walls, two ceilings and 2,300 sf of flooring. Plus all of the plumbing and all of the electrical had to go.

First thing's first: we made a sound investment in a mini-fridge stocked with cold cruisers to entice our close friends to join us in the demolition. 

Out came all pairs of Give'r gloves – new and old – that we could find. 

Let the demolition begin. 

Give'r Waterproof Leather Work Gloves Home Remodel

We threw on the 4-Season Gloves since we had no heat, grabbed a claw bar and a five pound maul and punched our first hole of what would be many into the kitchen wall.

The past 27 days have been full of ups and downs, many trips to the hardware store, and a lot of post-work celebrating over the fire-pit with friends; never without sporting the River Runner Neck Coozies (and gloves for whoever is stoking the fire).

We've completed wall, flooring and plumbing demolition, and plumbing installation is almost complete.

Give'r Waterproof Leather Work Gloves Home Remodel

Give'r Waterproof Leather Work Gloves Home Remodel

The Give'r gloves have formed so well to our hands that it doesn't feel like we're even wearing them anymore.  We understand the phrase fits like a glove better than ever before. 

The gloves have helped us avoid countless blisters, jabs, cuts, scrapes, burns and shocks; we only wish the rest of our bodies could be so comfortable and well-protected.







Give'r Waterproof Leather Work Gloves Home Remodel


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