Never Before Seen Pictures of 5 First Ladies of the United States

This year, to celebrate President's Day, we once again turn to the history books for examples of unwavering leadership during difficult times and an enduring love for our gorgeous country. 

Last year, we paid homage to several legendary Presidents. This year, we think it’s only appropriate that the Presidents’ better halves get highlighted. Ladies and gentlemen, these incredible women, the First Ladies of the United States, shaped our country and truly gave it their all …

Martha Washington was the first of the First Ladies. She set the tone from the get-go, showing by example that leading the country was to be done by both women and men.

As opposed to common belief, Martha was the comedian in the Washington household. She was often caught giving George “bunny ears” during portrait sessions and, if there had been cameras during that time, this goofiness surely would have been her legacy.

We were lucky to dig up the only known image of Martha letting loose — her hand clearly doing a rock-on gesture in what appears to be a Classic Give’r Glove.


Michelle Obama's work in communities across the United States left a lasting impact that will be felt for generations. She championed the fight against childhood obesity and advocated for better support for veterans and their families. She also set an entirely new course for fashion in the 21st century when she paired an evening gown with 4-Season Give'r Gloves

Michelle lived the Give’r spirit to a T — dancing, fist bumping, laughing, and smiling her way through eight years in the White House. For many Americans, Michelle felt like a relatable face that seemed to truly care about each person she encountered. 


Being First Lady for four long terms takes a lot of work. It’s no wonder Eleanor Roosevelt turned to her Lightweight Give’r Gloves time and again. She loved them because they provided true dexterity — she could even knit in them. 

Eleanor’s list of accomplishments is long and full of outspoken bravery. In particular, Eleanor spoke widely about the importance of women and African Americans in the workplace and society as a whole. Throughout, she faced harsh criticism. However, she is now celebrated for how she Gave'r in the face of these challenges. 


Mary Todd Lincoln had a roller coaster of a life, full of highs and lows. Her husband, Abraham, was both loved and hated for his stances — and she stood by his side. Her support and public pride for his work ensured that when times got tough during the Civil War, Abraham stayed focused on the big picture.

Mary Todd was a woman who demanded respect and was the epitome of class. She was known for her practicality and intelligence. It comes as no surprise then that on cold days in Washington D.C. she turned to Classic Give’r Gloves.


Before Jacqueline Kennedy was “Jackie O,” she was known among friends as “Jackie 4-Seasons” for her constant wearing of the 4-Season Give'r Gloves. While hosting dignitaries she would awe her guests by moving a burning log from one White House hearth to another, using only her gloves for protection.

"Jackie 4-Seasons" was an extremely popular First Lady, a fashion icon, and considered one of the 10 most admired people of the second half of the 20th century.

On the path to acclaim, she faced many challenges – most notably the assassinations of her husband JFK and his brother Robert. Yet her persistence and desire to live a life of passion and community provided a strong example of how a First Lady can sway the nation in a positive direction. 


* Disclaimer — all images and bios are meant to be entertaining and are not based on fact. 









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