The Juice is Worth the Squeeze! Looking Back at 2017!

As the dust settles following the holiday season, winter continues to ramp up here in Jackson Hole, and the snow pile is growing by the day in front of HQ!

While it would be easy to just keep charging onward in to the 6th gear, we feel it is important to pump the brakes and pause to reflect back on this past year, as there is much to be grateful for and many to thank for all that transpired in the last 12 months.

First and foremost, we give thanks to YOU, our rock solid and die-hard Give'r family. Without your support, energy, motivation and encouragement, this dream would have no fuel to continue onward, and we are thankful for all you've poured into us over the last year. The feedback, kind words, pictures, stories and accounts of Given'r all over the globe amount to a pretty righteous year with loads of adventure and the good stuff in life.

The Give'r community grows stronger by the day, and this last year we've been psyched to welcome new members to the fam. We recognize that each opportunity you have to share the story and passion behind Give'r with a friend, family member or complete stranger is what makes the difference. The idea of choosing to Give It Your All – no matter what it is that you're passionate about – is a simple yet powerful way to live.

We've learned a tremendous amount over the last 365 days, taking on new challenges, growing the team and saying "You Bet!" to opportunities where the outcome may be uncertain, but knowing in our gut the juice is worth the squeeze. 

Whether creating new products, improving on past designs or exhibiting patience with the realities of just how much time and energy it takes to run a business, we're putting our hearts and souls into the operations here at Give'r, and aim to settle for nothing short of kick ass.

We aim to be there for you as customers and supporters, and strive to show the love in every way we can. While we can't claim perfection, we sure do try hard and embrace the role of serving you to the best of our ability. At every step, we are amassing new knowledge, analyzing new ways to do things, and trying our best to meet and exceed expectations wherever possible. 

Such is the Give'r way ... as it has been since the beginning in 2012.

Throughout 2017 we have done our very best to support local, regional, national and international non-profits through donations and service and are proud of this. (You can read more on that here). In 2018, we aim to continue growing our positive impact.


We are thankful for all those who dove in to help out in all capacities ... here at HQ, on the road at events, and "in the wild" sharing your stories and spreading the Give'r word. 

We look back on 2017 with a big smile and loads to be thankful for. And, at this moment, we're psyched to take a few deep breaths, stretch it out, center ourselves and establish a strong foothold at the starting line for 2018 ... 'cause we're going to charge into this year with some fire and make some waves knowing that we've got you in our corner, Given'r each and every day!

-The Give'r Crew


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