Mother's Day: Celebrate The Ultimate Give'rs

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Give'r the best this Mother's Day.

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and we couldn't be more excited to celebrate. Here's to the one you can count on, the one who picks you up when your feeling down, and the one we're proud to call mom.

As a brand that values the spirit of bravery, resilience, and generosity, we believe that there is no one who embodies these qualities more than our mothers. The Give’r team has several amazing moms, whose recommendations and insights mean everything to us.

They are the ultimate give’rs, always putting the needs of their families before their own, and it’s no secret that all the moms out there deserve nothing but the best.

So why not give’r the best? No matter which glove you choose, with our personalization options, you can add that special touch of her initials. But with any three letters available to brand, it’s hard to pass up the award winning title of ‘MOM.’ Hand-branded personalization will make your gift that much more meaningful and keep your rank as #2 of the family (not that it’s a competition...).

Lightweight Gloves with MOM branding

Lightweight Give'r Gloves

Lightweight Give'r Gloves

Our Lightweight Gloves are the Give’r mom’s glove of choice and for good reason. They are dependable, always there for you, and can handle whatever you throw at ‘em. Sound familiar? Our newest 2.0 version features a smooth laminate interior awarding the Lightweight the solid-on-the-outside-soft-on-the-inside characteristic. Get what we’re saying? In other words, they are made for mom. Here’s some specifics:

  • Uninsulated, all-leather cowhide construction
  • Unwaxed for quicker break-in
  • Breathable & lightweight (Size Large = 4 oz)
  • Customizable with hand-branded initials (up to 3 characters)

Classic Give'r Gloves

Classic Give'r Gloves

Brisk spring mornings around the corner? Then you can't beat the Classics. The added insulation will keep mom's hands warm while the extra dexterity sheds the bulk versus the 4-Seasons making for an easy-on-easy-off fit. Resilient, durable, and coined The Give'r Glove of 100 Uses. Here’s the details:

  • All-leather cowhide exterior
  • 40g Thinsulate insulation
  • Slip-on style
  • Customizable with hand-branded initials (up to 3 characters)

4-Season Give'r Gloves

4-Season Give'r Gloves

In the spirit of the toughness and resilience all moms radiate, our Give’r moms’ final pick is the 4-Season Gloves. The 4-Season Give'r Gloves are designed to withstand whatever Moth'r Nature has planned making them the perfect right-hand woman for the active and adventurous. These gloves are built to last and provide unmatched protection and comfort. Mittens more her speed? The Frontier Mittens feature all the same layers as the 4-Seasons but boast extra insulation. Here’s the 4-Season breakdown:

  • Reinforced, all-leather cowhide
  • 100% waterproof Hipora membrane
  • 260g reflective heat shield for warmth retention
  • 150g innermost Thinsulate and fleece lining
  • Natural beeswax coating for added weatherproofing
  • Customizable with hand-branded initials (up to 3 characters)

Keep in mind, they’re called 4-Season for a reason. The insulation may lean towards a winter-weather contender, but the reinforced leather and double stitching will keep thorns, branches, and even burning logs at bay. She'll be reaching for the 4-Season Gloves when other gloves just won’t cut it, no matter the weather.

Woman working in Classic Give'r Gloves

Like mom herself, Give'r gloves won't quit until the job is done. Whether it's gardening, farm work, construction projects, home improvement, skiing, snowboarding, camping, dog walking, or everything else mom's tackle, get her the gift that will last for years to come. Here are some common uses for our each of these three badass gloves that your mom will love:

  1. Camping - Grab your tent, mom will appreciate the durability and flexibility of Lightweight and Classic gloves. They each offer protection from the elements, while also allowing for easy movement and grip.
  2. Skiing - For the mother who loves hitting the slopes, our 4-Season Gloves or Frontier Mittens are a must-have. They're designed to keep hands warm and dry in even the coldest conditions proven by women in Alaska and even Everest. Plus, the reinforced palms provide extra grip and durability, making them perfect for skiing and snowboarding.
  3. Gardening - The Lightweight Gloves are best for gardening due to their uninsulated interior making them more breathable. If your green-thumbed mom could use a new pair of gardening gloves with a personalized touch, you can't go wrong with the Lightweights.
  4. Everyday Use - Give’r gloves are great for everyday use, whether it's running errands on a cold day, bike-riding in messy weather, or taking the dog for a walk. They offer protection from the elements while also being stylish and comfortable.

No matter the location or temperature of where she calls home, if your mom is the hardworkin’, outdoor lovin’ type, Give’r gloves are made for her. And take it from the moms of Give’r, the added touch of personalization sears your honor forever.

From ours to yours, we wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day!

The Moms of Give’r (Other) Favorites

Downright Vest

A puffy vest you can downright count on. Designed in proper Give'r-fashion to ensure you stay warm and look good while doing it.

Solstice Solar Hoodie

Wear this UPF 40+ lightweight hoodie in the summer to stay cool and protected on the river, the beach, or the boat.

Ol Faithful Hoodie

The Ol’ Faithful's durability, functionality, and versatility make it your go-to midweight pullover. Made complete by the "secret sauce" interior - just wait until you feel it.

Snap Happy Solar Shirt

The Snap Happy Solar Shirt is as comfy and righteous as it looks. With triple threat stretch, ultra lightweight materials, and primo pearl snaps, she'll stay cool and comfortable all day long.

University Hat

A classic and comfortable hat made with 100% cotton twill canvas. Rock the Tetons with this classy lid.

We understand certain times of the year can be difficult for our friends and family. And here at Give’r, we want to respect and honor our promises. Personalize your communication preferences here.

Woman feeding her horses in Classic Give'r Gloves

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